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Your Children Deserve Better

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

A couple of weeks ago (wow, time flies) I posted a REEL addressing the recent outrage over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill also, outrageously, known as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”. I just want to open this by clearly stating the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” is not only a false representation of the bill but it is also a clear representation of how the media parrots harmful lies to the public. The bill never mentions the word ‘gay’. If you are a teacher of kids eight and under in Florida you can talk about your partner to your students, homosexual or heterosexual. Where the line is drawn is in teaching children the specifics of sexuality, gender orientation or gender theory. The bill simply states that schools do not have the right to teach children K through third grade sexual identity or gender theory and those topics should be left to parents. The outrage over this bill has been illuminating. 61% of Americans agree with this bill including a majority of Democrats when shown the text of the bill. It is not controversial to leave the discussion surrounding sexuality to parents, especially when the children are not even in double digits. So why the outrage? Why the blatant lies and attacks by media, corporations, blue check marks and political activists? This is the question I have been seeking to answer and the results I have found have shocked me. From the dramatic rise in LGBTQIA2S+ numbers to the consequences of “affirmative care” to the appalling prevalence of teacher activism across the country, the war on gender is fierce. But what you should never do as a political movement, is get between a mama and her babies, mama bears fight and they win.

I want to clearly state that this is not a fight against LGBTQ+ people or children. Everyone deserves love, grace, support and protection. This is a fight against an ideology that is harmful and causes irreversible damage to susceptible and easily manipulated children. Transgenderism, formally known as Gender Dysphoria for the past 100 years, is a disease that has been studied and treated by medical professionals for decades. There has been a sudden and alarming rise in Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) over the last couple of years. Typically, Gender Dysphoria presented as Early Onset Gender Dysphoria, between the ages of 2-4, and was overwhelmingly affecting young boys. Suddenly, over the last 5 years and increasing in the last year, young teenage girls are coming out without any prior history of gender dysphoric behavior. They are coming out to cheers and accolades by their teachers and peers with appeals from their schools to keep their revelations from their parents. A shocking study shows up to 86.7% of young people with ROGD had one or more

friends who came out as transgender around the same time. The numbers rose from 1 in 30,000 for Boys and 1 in 110,000 for Girls to 5 in 1000 and 13 in 1000 in a matter of a few years. A 2021 study found the numbers are as high as 9 in 100 amongst urban youth. We went from a minuscule number of children with Early Onset Gender Dysphoria to almost 10% of our children coming out with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. This is a social contagion and the rhetoric to accept without question and treat without waiting is detrimental to our children.

What is affirmative care? We recently heard from our President and White House that affirmative care of transgender kids is the only care, it is the most loving care, life saving care and “one of the most powerful things a parent can do” for their children. So what is it? Affirmative care literally means an unquestioning acceptance of a child’s chosen identity. The acceptance leads to treatments. The treatments are either hormone therapy, puberty blockers, or surgery. Puberty blockers chemically stimulate the puberty of the opposite sex. Some quick side effects to list are; infertility, sexual dysfunction, a “cardiac event”, endometrial cancer, vaginal and uterine atrophy, frequent urinary tract infections, bone density atrophy, and brain development disruption. What is a surgery? A surgery for a boy consists of removing the penis and testicals with the construction of a faux vagina and adding breast implants. In girls, the surgery is a double mastectomie, the removal of her ovaries and her uterus with the construction of a faux penis. It goes without saying, this sterilizes the child forever. Injecting chemicals into your child, removing healthy reproductive organs and sterilizing them is considered best practice by this administration.

We are not allowed to question the sudden rise in cases, we are not allowed to question our children’s perceptions of themselves and we are told to proceed with “affirmative care” all in the name of acceptance and love. Did you know on average 80% of children with Gender Dysphoria grow out of it? With a range of 50-96% will grow comfortable with their natural God given sex? Children do not know what is best for themselves or their bodies. They are children. They do not have fully developed brains or bodies. We shame each other on social media for giving non organic baby food and yet we are pushing the injection of chemicals that prevent natural functions into our children! The American Psychological Association has said “because no approach to working with [transgender and gender non conforming] children has been adequately, empirically validated, consensus does not exist regarding best practice with pre-pubertal children”. We do not know the harmful and lasting effects of these “affirmative care” treatments. Yet our white house, our media, our activities, our corporations are pushing this in the name of equality, love, acceptance and anti “othering”.

Parents must stand up against this harmful ideology that is touching every aspect of American life. Sweden, Finland and the UK have already cut back on treatments in minors for “the lack of beneficial outcomes”. It is time we stand up in the face of irrational, damaging and manipulative ideology that seeks to guilt or shame parents who push back. Parents, you know your child. Do not let a school, an administration, a corporation or loud voices tell you otherwise. Our job as parents is to protect our children at all costs. We must protect them from “affirmative care” that abandons all logic or reason in the name of acceptance. Children suffer enough, let’s seek to protect their innocence, not corrupt it.

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