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Hi, I'm Shelton


Of the People, For the People

I have long been passionate about freedom, justice and the opportunities afforded to me because God allowed me to be born in this amazing country. I spent my young adult years reading historical fiction that concentrated on the founding of our country and the fight to free Europe from the grips of evil, tyrannical governments  who desperately wanted control and power wrestled from the hands of the people. The sacrifices men and women made so that I have the right to speak, live and think freely are astounding. With the recent popularity of Hamilton, I think more and more people have been forced to ponder the brilliance of our founding fathers and contrast that to what is happening in Ukraine as Russia and its allies fight unashamedly to, once again, do the unthinkable to seize freedom from the hands of the people.

In our own country there has been an unprecedented assault on our freedoms over the last two years that has affected everyone, but most acutely, the working class and our CHILDREN. We have all watched as small businesses and schools have been shut down; people have been forced to mask and in some instances to inject themselves with a vaccine against their will; and  been subject to a media that no longer reports the facts, but spews a political agenda. I never realized before that fear is the greatest motivator of all. I am a wife and a mother of young children, with a mama bear passion to protect my children from any political agenda. I want them to grow up free. I want them to grow up with the values that this country was established on. I want them to value life. I want them to be able to worship God freely. For all of these reasons and many more, my husband and I have decided that I am going to run for the North Carolina House of Representatives District 72. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, as I have seen the sacrifices that families make to serve in a public office. I believe that our founders created a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” I believe that many of our elected officials have forgotten that they are elected to govern for the people, not for their own agendas. Let’s give the power back to the people of Winston-Salem to make their own autonomous decisions on their health choices. Let’s give power back to the parents to let them make their own educational choices.  Let’s give power back to the business owners and hard working people in this city so they can make a living for their families!


I am a wife, a mother and ex equestrian with a political habit that lead to a local house race. When I began the search for a little preschool program for my son I was shocked to find that the best of the best were masking their babies. And I mean babies, toddlers 2 and under. When I pressed their logic I was met with resistance and disdain from the parents. The experience at the preschool prompted me to look into the state of our city and how far we’ve fallen from rational thought and reason. I discovered we’d fallen far and not a single conservative was stepping up to fight back. So I am running to fight back. I’m running for my children, so they get to call this country as free, prosperous and unique as I have. I’m fighting so we can preserve the greatness of this American experiment through rational thought, a reforming of our educational system and fiscal responsibility. I’m running for our children’s future. As soon as this state, this country gets back on track I’m headed right back home to raise my kids full time. Help me get there so we can all go back to living our lives in this amazingly imperfect country.

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